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Thursday, 23.05.2024

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Dmitry Mironov: Author of the Battle Chess project (
Dmitry Mironov:
Author of the Battle Chess project (
The idea of Battle Chess is not mine. In mid-80s, it was born with a teacher of physics from the Russia-based Ryazan Pedagogic Institute. A passionate chess player, he for some time tried to find a way to circumvent limits of the classic chess rules, to diversify playing process, harmonious and predictable in its openings, to bring in such factors as chance, suddenness, luck, psychology, strategic thinking. Finally, he succeeded. The idea was simple and elegant. The possibility to set up chess pieces at one's own will and - critically important - in secret from an opponent provided players with a new game, fast, acute, interesting one. A battle, in one word!

However, as it often happens with great ideas, the battle chess came ahead of time. Twenty years ago, it was impossible to put this idea fully into practice. There were no personal computers, no Internet, and only science fiction writers could think of an idea of fighting an artificial intelligence.

Things have changed greatly since then. New technologies make even the bravest ideas possible. The Battle Chess time comes! Here it is in front of you, as large as life, with all its might and vigor, ready to shell players with incredible number of new opportunities, combinations, theories and hypotheses. Come and become a creator, a commander! Create hundreds, even thousands setups which can become classical with the lapse of time! Find a setup which will make you invincible! Learn to assault fiercely and defend yourself skillfully, to maneuver and deceive! Hold hard the breath, and bend up every spirit to his full height! The game’s afoot!

Could an ordinary teacher from the former USSR imagine that in two decades political borders would blur out, distances would shrink and inhabitants of all continents as well as an artificial intelligence would be able to play Battle Chess? I doubt it. The more it pleases him to see all this today while I take pleasure of letting you into this family story. Because this teacher is my father, Gennady Mironov. His dream came true in more than 20 years.

Dmitry Mironov: Author of the Battle Chess project (

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