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Portal history

This section is to inform you about the development of the Battle Chess project.

January 2010. Stage II is considered complete!

Dear friends, our battle-chess portal has been completely translated into English. This stage has lasted long, and still it has come to a logical end. Now the English speaking part of the Internet can see for themselves the power of the Russian project!

I would like to speak about our statistics: by mid-January 2010 over 21,000 persons were registered at the portal (out of them over 10,000 active), over 75,000 Battle Chess games played, players created over 41,000 battle positions, 126 teams were created (out of them 126 tournament teams) and around 120,000 internal messages sent between club members, 57 battle chess tournaments conducted, including 4 team tournaments, in which 14 to 23 teams took part. The Online Battle Chess The Battle of Kulikovopersonal tournament was attended by 286 persons! During the period of the existence of our portal 3 face-to-face tournaments have been conducted:
Online Battle Chess: REAL-Moscow — August 22, 2008
Online Battle Chess: REAL-St.Pite — November 29, 2008
Online Battle Chess: REAL-Moscow — November 21, 2009, and with every face-to-face tournament the number of its attendants is growing.

Just as we promised during the translation of the web site materials, activities to enhance its functionality were going on, no doubt the ideas of the majority of functional improvements were invented by the players, and for this we are very GRATEFUL to them.

During this period the following was implemented: services, which allow paying for the statuses at our portal by SMS, and just several days ago there appeared the possibility to pay for the statuses not only through e-currencies (the list of these currencies has considerably grown) but also with bank cards, which will enable the English speaking part of our users to benefit from such service.

We established a charity fund, and it has already started accumulating funds, these funds will only be spent for the Battle Chess objectives based on the recommendations by its contributors. Soon it will be possible to contribute to the Fund the same way as you pay for game statuses.

During Stage II some components were implemented to improve the communication between the players (a forum, a possibility to quickly review joint games, a blacklist of unwanted players, and the presentation of information on the player's personal page improved, etc.)

Other game functions added: a double game (simultaneous or consecutive), a round-robin team tournament, games with 5, 3 and 1 minute TC (time control) now possible, a game with a move confirmation, systematic tournaments, team tournaments (and lots of related functions and possibilities), team leaders' tournaments.

The functions facilitating preparation to the new Battle Chess games: a number of complexity levels implemented for the training games, it is now possible to rotate the chessboard, keep the opponent's setup, rename one's positions, there is a convenient tournament schedule, and a bank of selected games, and section 30 Best Battle-Chess Portal Players has been created.

We should mention the most active participants involved in our project development, these are:
Aleg, Shrek, Torres, nn, , andryha,  — and still this list is far from being complete!

May 2008. The 2nd Stage of The Battle Chess Project Begins: Translation — Testing

At this stage, all the materials of the, excluding Forum, will be translated into English. We will continue to develop the portal functionals. We will consider the second stage completed when the game resource functions successfully for the English speaking members of the Battle Chess Club at

May 2008. The 1st Stage Has Been Completed

Let us congratulate and thank all of our project participants, both its makers and Battle Chess Club members. Special thanks to the Club members who participated actively in revealing mistakes in the portal functionals, as well as generating useful and creative ideas which help it to become more user-friendly and interesting.

Here are some statistics. By May 2008, 4,800 people were registered, they played more than 5,100 Battle Chess games, created more than 5,000 battle setups, formed 19 teams and sent about 5,000 internal messages between Club members. Five Battle Chess and Classic Chess tournaments with money prizes were held.

The first league table of the 30 best Battle and Classic Chess players was drawn up. First articles by our Club members and their interviews made way into our Library. We’d like to thank the most active participants in the Battle Chess project, including


The site work has been found satisfactory but that doesn’t mean that we are stopping here. Quite the opposite. In contrast to the beginning of our work in November 2007, we now see that our project is interesting and in demand. We also see than not only Russians take part in it so we would like to extend its boundaries. That is why the new stage in our portal development is called The Battle Chess: Translation.

November 2007. The 1st Stage of the Battle Chess Project Begins: Testing

The Battle Chess portal opened for users on November 1, 2007. The portal is based on three domains,, and At this stage, first users are to be engaged in order to check all the site’s functional elements, complete its design and texts, and help to define the project’s ways of development taking into account users’ wishes and requests. At this stage, information support is minimal. The first stage will be considered completed if favorable reports regarding efficiency of the game resource functional are received.

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