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25.04.2008 // Oleg Palamarchuk
Dear Battle Chess lovers! I would like to share with you some thoughts and ideas concerning this alternative version of the ancient game. There are no and cant be any universal recipes, but in order to improve skills and achieve high results one should follow some common principles and rules.

Everybody knows about the three basic components of chess: science, art and sport. Unlike the classic chess in the Battle Chess the game begins virtually with no opening, from the closed offensive middlegame stance, where there are not many options and the choice is frequently forced. The role of pawn chains and barriers, strong and weak squares, open and semi-open lines is very important. From the first moves a player should be able to play on closed positions, analyze tactics and not to forget about the forthcoming endgame struggle. While setting up the pieces bear in mind that THE PIECES MUST PLAY! There is and will be no ideal stance which combines reliability, space and attacking opportunities equally. You have to keep balance between these factors and here, unlike the classic chess, the individual readiness to face a specific opponent plays a huge role. I will tell you straight away, do not try to catch your opponents at the setup stage, they can also be catching you. However, the strive to monitor common trends, preferences and tastes of the opponent, his ability to maneuver and his tactical skills as well as the endgame techniques are essential for you to reach positive results. This is a specific psychology of the Battle Chess, its sporty craft and the skill to forecast and calculate the opponent.

The strive for sport results often overshadows the important art side of the chess. Reliable, impregnable stances often restrict the choice of tactical techniques and lead to absolutely defensive passive positions when you just helplessly watch what your opponent is doing at the opposite flank… The rules do not forbid using the strong players setup schemes, but this is not a universal relief, because one should be able to use them efficiently, as well. Dont be afraid to create, dare, invent and search, strive for originality — and then your success in sport and art will come soon. Good luck!

Best regards,
Oleg Palamarchuk (mirazh65)

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