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10.06.2008 // Miron
Oleg Palamarchuk - prize winner of several Battle Chess and classic chess tournaments
Oleg Palamarchuk -
prize winner of several Battle Chess and classic chess tournaments.
Miron: Today I would like to introduce a special person to our Battle Chess club members. He was not only a successful Battle Chess and classical chess player, but also one of our authors: he wrote an article named 'The Art of Battle Chess' which is published in our library. Please introduce yourself, if you don't mind.

mirazh65: Thanks for the introduction! My name is Oleg Palamarchuk, I am 42, live in Crimea and work as an ambulance doctor.

Miron: Doctor's profession Is a noble one, especially the one of the first aid doctor, as these are the people who help us when it is about life and death! Let me say thanks for what you are doing on behalf of all club members! But, besides, you play quite successfully in the tournaments held on our portal. Oleg took part in 4 tournaments:
The online Battle Chess: Battle on the Ice 2008
The online Battle Chess: The Battle of Moscow
Classical Chess online: Motherland Defenders' Day
Classical Chess online: Victory Day
and, with utmost stability was the 2nd place winner in all of them! How can you play with such stable results?

mirazh65: I don't have any special secrets. I am pretty experience in postcard chess. Besides, at work I try to use my free time in between calls to analyze my games.

Miron: Oleg, will you tell us how long you have been playing and how you began?

mirazh65: My dad taught me chess when I was five. But then I fell in love with chess thanks to my relative from Altai Kray who came to Crimea for vacation with his parents. This person had first degree in postcard chess and took part in the USSR Championships. He defeated me ten to twenty times a day during a month, showing me where I was wrong, And when he left, I started out reading chess books and textbooks. I remember my first impressions from Chigorin and Alekhine's games, and how I discovered the world of chess in the great textbook written by Maizelis I had the first degree when I was leaving school. Then I was working and went to the Army. I experienced the real success while studying in the medical institute. We had a very strong chess team, we even won the USSR Championship among medical schools and pharmacology departments. I never had a coach as such, I developed through tournaments and communication with the guys from the team, studies books and analyzed a lot. About 17 to 18 years ago I became Candidate in Master of Sports, but then my doctor's practice started to take up too much time. Rarely did I play in reality, mostly switching off to postcard and online chess. Even in spite of its sport aspect, the chess are an art for me, with no borders, wildly beautiful, sometimes an incarnation of joy and sometimes a pretty rough world with its unexplored ways, storms of emotions and passions, with its own law and rules without which you cannot survive.

Miron: Oleg, what is your attitude to using chess robots in games and do you think this should and can be confronted?

mirazh65: I am quite tolerant towards using chess robots. According to my experience, an amateur player who thinks that an engine will help them achieve much in online chess is too na?ve. But the fight against robots reminds me of the prohibition era measures, used in different times. You can only fight robots by defeating them. If you have several days to finish the game, it is more than possible.

Miron: How do you see the future of Battle Chess?

mirazh65: I see Battle Chess as a unique, though hardly alternative, version of chess art. The rules might need some corrections (in particular where the turn priority is defined). It would be fair if you play a team competition or short matches. Anyway, their passionate, spicy and unpredictable character is something I like a lot.

Miron: Thanks for the interview. Let me on behalf of the Battle Chess club wish you every success in your noble profession and new wins in Battle Chess and classical chess!

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