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Battle Chess rules

The game is played on a traditional square chequered chessboard. As in classic chess, at the start, each player (one controlling the white pieces, the other controlling the black pieces) controls sixteen pieces. You can set up you pieces at random on your half of the board (the four ranks closest to you).

You and you opponent are to see each other’s disposition only after a draw which has defined who moves first.

Battle Chess rules allow the following,
  • several pawns can be placed on one file,
  • bishops can be placed on squares of one color,
  • king and queen can be placed at any square,
  • one of the players can use classic setup. However, if both players chose classic setup they have to redeploy their pieces not in a classic manner,
  • castling can be made either way if pieces take appropriate position, i.e. if there is a fragment of a classic position,
  • when a pawn advances to its eighth rank, it is promoted to the player’s piece of choice.
The game follows classic chess rules. Pieces move traditionally, as well.

Beginning of the game

  1. Players set up their pieces. Time for a setup depends on a time control. If at least one player fails to complete the setup in time the game is deleted;
  2. Computer randomly chooses a player who is to move first;
  3. The opponent’s setup is revealed to each of the players. A game clock of the player who is to move first turns on and the game begins.

End of the game

  1. As in classic chess, the game ends when one of the kings is checkmated;
  2. When it is impossible to checkmate, the game ends in a draw;
  3. Either player may resign if the situation looks hopeless.

Temporary Termination of a Game

  1. In case one of the players submits a «game complaint», the timing of the game is frozen, and after the administrator reviews the game it will be either resumed or cancelled.
  2. If the game is frozen, the players can not review or play the game.
  3. After the game is resumed again, the participants are notified accordingly.
  4. The time period required to review a game from Monday till Friday is within a day, on weekdays and holidays — the next day after the end of the holidays.
  5. If time control is bullet chess, the game is cancelled (for non-tournament games), and the game is resumed if it is a tournament game.
  6. If time control is bullet chess, the game is resumed subject to the following conditions:
    • The game complaint was handled by the administrator within 30 minutes after having been sent by the user (both players shall be notified via an internal message that the game was resumed, and the time for the game continuation will be indicated), and both players are currently on the site.
    • In case both players are online and confirm their readiness to resume the game when the processing of the complaint is finished. If the administrator sends an internal message to the users enquiring of their readiness to resume the game and receives a positive response from both players within 10 minutes (both players shall be notified via an internal message that the game was resumed, and the time for the game continuation will be indicated).
  7. If a game complaint is false, the player is blacklisted, after three false complaints the player shall be sanctioned.
We hope that you’ll be able to find in this game what you miss in classic chess!
Good luck!

To look for the types of time control and its explanation, click here.

Contest of Comments Announcement

Soon we are going to hold a contest of comments on the Battle Chess portal. Having played at least 10 games, each player can post his/her comments in the Battle Chess Rules section after the text of the rules themselves. When the portal administration thinks that there is enough comments to hold a contest it will announce its terms and procedures. Historically, many decisions at our portal have been made at players’ will, and this contest is no exception.

Additionally, we will announce what will be the winner’s award and what particular form it will take, be it cash, some thing or something intangible. There is a possibility that ALL the contest participants will be awarded this or that way.

Notes to commentators: since our portal is visited by supporters of the Battle Chess and not their opponents, please present your comments in the form of a not very short and not very long article which can describe Battle Chess positive features, its prospects as a new game, comparison with classic chess, etc.

While evaluating your comments the jury will follow its inner understanding of a commentator’s idea, the comment’s form and style of presentation, so check what you are writing. You can post your comments before the voting begins. You can post more than one comment but please don’t abuse this opportunity. Anyway, each of the comments has to be a separate, complete article. If you are ready you can post your comment here.

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