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We are sure that an atmosphere of a collective creative work, interest and freedom that prevails on our portal will please all game lovers and those fond of spending time with friend. But in order to preserve this island of freedom in actual practice we have to introduce rules of conduct on our site. Our laws will be the most democratic of all that we have seen. More than that, we are going to engage you in writing them by discussing every clause at our web forum.

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Congratulations upon registration for new members of Battle Chess

For the last day (11.04.2024) on the chess portal Battle Chess have registered 1 new members of the club. New members are:
Россия: ChessMaster838.
Congratulations upon successful registration for newcomers!

Happy birthday!

Today (11.04.2024) on the chess portal «Battle Chess» birthday celebrated:
Беларусь: lev.

Happy birthday!

Today (07.04.2024) on the chess portal «Battle Chess» birthday celebrated:
Латвия: neesmu.

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